Car Battery Repair Near Me

A car battery requires a special knowledge and special care in order for it to deliver a safe, long life of service to you and your car. Car batteries are filled with toxic chemicals that need specific handling in order to be safe when maintained or disposed of.

The most environmentally friendly approach to any car battery replacement is to attempt to squeeze as much life as possible out of it. This will reduce the number of batteries you will have to deal with, and it gives the conscientious person a bit more peace of mind.

How to Best Plan for a Long Battery Life

One major advantage for your car battery near Webster, NY is having a well-insulated garage. If a battery is kept warm in the winter, it will last a lot longer. Heated garages are not the same as well-insulated garage – as they can cause rusting.

For those that don’t have the advantage of an insulated garage, it is also possible to simply insulate the battery itself. Another approach that has taken hold more recently is to purchase a solar battery charger. These are inexpensive and can be really handy. The solar charger comes with a monitoring device to prevent overcharging.

Keeping Connections Clean

Another great way to maintain your car battery for a longer life near Webster, NY is to regularly clean the top of the battery by removing the clamps and scrubbing off any dirt, oxidation, or grease that has collected there. Gunk like this can drain the charge off the battery and interfere with a good clamp connection.

Keeping the terminals clean is important. It prevents unnecessary problems later. If your battery is vibrating or jiggling around in its seat, this is not good. Your battery needs to sit firmly and tightly for best performance. The worst thing that can happen is for it to tip over while you are driving.

Keep your battery tray clean. A vibrating battery is also in danger of spilling battery acid if it does tip over – so keep an eye on your battery’s connection, condition, and seating. You should also be checking your battery’s water levels on occasion.

Water Level Maintenance

Your car should never be running when you are changing or adding water to it. Lift the hood of your car to locate the battery in order to remove the vent caps from the top of the connections for the battery. To prevent any dirt or debris from getting inside, it is also important to clean the caps and the connections before you remove the inspection caps.

Only use distilled water when adding battery water. Anything else will lead to a permanent battery failure. Check the levels by peering into the battery to see how high your water levels are.

Adding water to your battery will bring the level to just under the bottom of your battery cell inspection hole. Never overfill this water level. If you do, it will cause the acid and water mixture to leak into your engine – not a good idea.

Always flush any liquid that spills from your battery with fresh, clean water. Also remember to place the vent caps back onto your battery.

Proper Disposal

Peake is located near Webster, New York. Peake of Wayne County is fully qualified to not only maintain your battery – thus saving you years in potential battery service and providing the cleaning and care needed to extend its life – they are also fully qualified to properly dispose of the toxic bomb once its life has expired. Schedule battery repair today!