Fiat 500 Warning Lights

The various Fiat 500 warning lights and indicators that occasionally pop up on your car’s dash are crucial. Sometimes, they let you know when everything is running smoothly; other times, they let you know if there’s an issue; and, they even let you know when it’s time to schedule your next service appointment.

Essentially, they give you the opportunity to take care of something minor before it becomes something major. That’s why our team at Peake Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat wrote this guide for your Fiat 500 warning lights. We hope our customers in Sodus, Wayne County, and Ontario find it helpful. Best of luck!

Fiat 500 Warning Lights & Indicators

Here’s a brief overview of the different icons and alerts for the Fiat 500. If you have any further questions about anything that’s covered below, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.

Low Battery Charge. If this warning comes on while you’re driving, it could mean there’s a problem with the battery charge, which could mean trouble starting the engine.

Low Engine Oil Pressure. A steady illumination means the engine oil pressure is low-you should stop the car and contact a technician right away. A flashing light just means that you need an oil change.

 ABS Failure. If the ABS fails (Anti-Lock Brake System), your regular brakes will continue to function properly. However, you won’t enjoy the added safety net of the anti-lock brakes.

Engine Overheating. If either of these indicators flick on, the engine is too hot. You should pull over, turn off the engine, and schedule a service appointment at your local Fiat repair shop ASAP.

Transmission Fault. A transmission fault can be a very serious thing-that’s why you’ve got this icon.

Power Steering Fault. Without power steering, operating the wheel can be quite physically strenuous and tiring, which is why you want to get it fixed as soon as possible, should any sort of issue arise.

Driver Airbag Fault. This airbag could be the very thing that saves your life in the event of the worst-an accident. If you notice that this alert stays on, it’s not a good idea to drive until your Fiat gets serviced.

Passenger Airbag Fault. Likewise, this airbag could be the very thing that saves the life of your spouse, your partner, your best friend, or even your kid-whoever happens to be in the front passenger’s seat.

Generic Warning Light. If the 500’s generic warning light turns on, a professional can tell you what’s up.

Check Engine Light. Ah, the notorious check engine light! Whatever’s going on with your engine could contribute to poor performance, poor fuel efficiency, and a poor driving experience.

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