Transmission Repair Near Me

Take a proactive approach to automotive maintenance is the best way to preserve your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Adhering to the maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle year and model, found in your owner’s manual, can help avoid inconvenient and costly breakdowns. This is especially true when it comes to transmission care. Neglecting routine maintenance can result in poor shifting function and transmission failure. Professional transmission maintenance in Sodus, NY is the best option because inexpert servicing of a transmission can cause serious mechanical problems.

Maintenance Frequency

While maintenance schedule specifics can vary among vehicle models and years, there are some general guidelines for transmission care. If an automatic transmission has a dipstick, then fluid volume and condition should be checked at each 3,000-mile motor oil change. You should also have your transmission fluid checked before any lengthy road trip and if you notice a change in shifting quality or other transmission performance change. Symptoms that indicate a transmission problem should always be looked at by your automotive professional as soon as possible.Service Bay

If your vehicle experiences harder than average use, such as a daily commute that includes steep and winding roads, you’ll probably need your transmission fluid and filter changed at the 60,000-mile point. If your usual driving is fairly easy on your vehicle, have those transmission care tasks done at 120,000 miles. Use an automotive technician well experienced with your make, model, and year for transmission maintenance in Sodus, NY. Chrysler vehicles can be very specific when it comes to the correct transmission fluid.

Using the wrong fluid is a common cause of transmission shifting problems, including excessive noise and a rough feel at shifting points. Roughness or heavy vibration while moving through the automatic shift points can damage the inner workings of your transmission, resulting in the need for costly repairs that could have been avoided with expert care. Volume is also important. Both over-filling and under-filling transmission fluid can cause mechanical difficulties.

Quality Care and Convenience

Peake of Wayne County is a great choice for transmission maintenance in Sodus, NY. Their automotive technicians provide efficient, expert service. Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and they work hard to make vehicle maintenance quick and convenient for their customers. They offer Express Lane service for routine maintenance tasks with no appointment necessary and no extra charge. Be sure to ask about their current discounts and special offers, such as coupons for parts and maintenance.